Unit 4 Journal 2

Noun phrases

Prepositional phrase

The park, with many swings, is a great place for children to play.

Absolute phrase

Her eyes fixed on the swing, the mother kept an eye on his son, who was playing with other children.

Appositive phrase

The park, an old area with many trees and benches, was the children’s favourite place to play.


Verb phrases

Infinitive phrases

To become the mayor of the city, he needed to prepare a good campaign and win the elections.

She studied hard to pass her exam.

Participial phrases

Exhausted by all the running, she entered the class and handed in the paper just in time.

Feeling extremely happy, the young man run towards the hospital elevator to get to the third floor and finally see his newborn son.

Unit 3 Journal writing 1

In this post I’m going to write sentences that describe a scene from a park.

  1. She eats her breakfast eagerly
  2. Nobody runs in the park today due to the heavy rain
  3. They shot the ball fiercely and it ended up under the parked cars
  4. He sells icecreams
  5. The two lovers talked calmly

Unit 3 Journal 1

For this task I have to write 5 or 6 sentences describing scenes where people are interacting. This unit is about subjects and verbs, and this first task focuses mostly on subjects, so I’ll use different types of pronouns, nouns, gerunds and infinitives to create the sentences. Words in bold are the subjects.

  1. Nobody was running in the park this morning due to the heavy rain.
  2. Alice and Mark went together to the supermarket to buy some groceries for the party.
  3. Who walked inside the room when we were at the kitchen?
  4. Some plants don’t need much water to survive.
  5. Reading is a good way to improve your proficiency in a language.
  6. Both of you are grounded, so you may not go to the party.
  7. Nothing compares to the experience we had in India last summer.
  8. This is the movie that got so many good reviews.

Ok, I admit some sentences have nothing to do with people interacting, but I just wanted to use pronouns and other subject forms which I’m not familiar with.

Unit 2 Journal 2

For this exercise I have to continue with the previous list and this time write down five to ten verbs and adverbs. Here it goes:


  1. Study
  2. Work
  3. Read
  4. Listen
  5. Breathe
  6. Write
  7. Stare


  1. Loudly
  2. Soon
  3. Late
  4. Carefully
  5. Deeply
  6. Steadily
  7. Very
  8. Constantly

The second part of the exercise consists in building sentences using the verbs and adverbs and the nouns and adjectives from the previous task.

  1. The boy sitting on the blue table was staring deeply at his laptop.
  2. I like to read on cold afternoons, while the wind whistles loudly outside.
  3. You’ll have to start studying English soon if you want to pass the test.
  4. He constantly falls asleep on the wooden table.