Unit 4 Journal 1

I’m almost at the end of the course and this week the exercises are about clauses and phrases. For this first task I need to discuss some of the advantages of the place where I live. I must write at least three sentences including adjective clauses and three more including adverbial clauses.

Adjective clauses

  1. The park next to my house, which has many swings, is a great place for children to play.
  2. The mayor, whose wife is the principal of the elementary school, shows concern about the problems of the citizens.
  3. The day when I moved here I instanctly knew I was going to like this place.

Adverbial clauses

  1. Even though the place is sometimes too quiet, it is nice when you’re looking for some peace.
  2. Before the house where I live was built, there were no streets in this part of town.
  3. Rather than living in this village, I would prefer to live on a bigger city.

Unit 3 Journal 2

In this task I have to continue my observations of the scene from the previous exercice, this time paying more attention on vivid action verbs that I have already used. All the sentences have to contain action verbs, and I must try not to use any form of “to be”. 

As the five sentences from the previous exercice already contain action verbs I’m going to write five more. 

  1. They dance at the crashing sound of music
  2. She plays football while her sister examines the plants
  3. They were argueing at the top of their voice and everyone was staring at them. 
  4. You might stumble into a tree if you don’t watch your step
  5. They shouldn’t shoot the ball so violently, they‘re going to hurt someone.

Getting started

This might be the tenth blog I start, but at least this one has academic purposes, sort of…

I am taking part in the online course from Mt. San Jacinto College Crafting an Effective Writer, and one of the tasks I have to do in order to complete the course is start writing a journal. I will use this blog as a form of keeping record of my exercises and tasks, and who knows, maybe this one will be luckier than the other blogs I have started and won’t die after all…!