Unit 4 Journal 2

Noun phrases

Prepositional phrase

The park, with many swings, is a great place for children to play.

Absolute phrase

Her eyes fixed on the swing, the mother kept an eye on his son, who was playing with other children.

Appositive phrase

The park, an old area with many trees and benches, was the children’s favourite place to play.


Verb phrases

Infinitive phrases

To become the mayor of the city, he needed to prepare a good campaign and win the elections.

She studied hard to pass her exam.

Participial phrases

Exhausted by all the running, she entered the class and handed in the paper just in time.

Feeling extremely happy, the young man run towards the hospital elevator to get to the third floor and finally see his newborn son.

Unit 3 Journal writing 1

In this post I’m going to write sentences that describe a scene from a park.

  1. She eats her breakfast eagerly
  2. Nobody runs in the park today due to the heavy rain
  3. They shot the ball fiercely and it ended up under the parked cars
  4. He sells icecreams
  5. The two lovers talked calmly

Getting started

This might be the tenth blog I start, but at least this one has academic purposes, sort of…

I am taking part in the online course from Mt. San Jacinto College Crafting an Effective Writer, and one of the tasks I have to do in order to complete the course is start writing a journal. I will use this blog as a form of keeping record of my exercises and tasks, and who knows, maybe this one will be luckier than the other blogs I have started and won’t die after all…!